Headache/Migraine Specialist

Dr. Egan is a chiropractor who is a headache and migraine specialist in Cartersville, GA

Dr. Egan has successfully treated thousands of men and women for migraine pain.

His gentle cervical adjustments are a great alternative to drugs and surgery.

Dr. Egan uses a variety of techniques to make a specific and gentle adjustment alleviating nerve pressure.

  • "I am a 5th Degree Black Belt and nationally certified martial arts instructor. I own and operate Canton ATA Martial Arts in Canton. About a year ago, I started seeing Dr. Pete Egan on a regular basis due to pain in my lower back and hips. It was affecting my ability to work at the pace and intensity that I tried to bring to each class I taught. After regular adjustments and maintenance, the pain is gone and I am able to move without discomfort and have even noticed an increase in my flexibility. I know the improvement in my physical conditioning and comfort levels is due directly to my chiropractic care with Dr. Pete."
    S. Murphy, Cartersville GA
  • "I am in law inforcement and have been seeing chiropractors off and on for the better part of 20 years. Durring that time period I have switched between 3 or 4 different chiropractors, but now I can honestly say that I have my chiropractor for life. No matter what problem I'm having Dr. Pete has an adjustment for it. He has helped me with everything from sinus problems and headaches, to back pain and leg pain."
    C. Harrison, Acworth GA
  • "Dr. Pete has helped me in ways I never dreamed he could. He has helped me with my low back and my asthma, and he also explaned to me what he was doing and helped me to understand how he was helping me."
    K. Outen, Cartersville GA
  • "I had been having pain in my shoulder, which I attributed to coaching for several years. After 1 visit with Dr. Pete the pain was gone. Thanks Dr. Pete for making my job much easier, and pain-free."
    N. Moore, Euharlee GA
  • "In the time that I have been seeing Dr. Pete the pain of fibromyalgia has been eliminated, the diabetes no longer has to be monitored daily, and the excruciating attacks of the diverticulitis have been totally stopped. This is the most healthy I have felt in nearly 40 years. Dr. Pete Egan uses his healing gifts to work in conjunction with the energies that created your body. No matter what diagnoses, or mis-diagnoses you have been given, and no matter what surgeries your body has been subjected to, you really can and will feel better."
    J. Bozarth, Calhoun GA

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